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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bill Scheer sweeps regular season awards at Chapleau Intermediate 'A' Huskies 1977 Awards Night featuring Timmins Mayor Mike Doody as guest speaker

Bill Scheer winds up

Despite the intense rivalry between the Chapleau Huskies and Timmins Northstars of the Northland Intermediate Hockey League, it did not prevent Timmins Mayor Mike Doody from accepting an invitation to Chapleau to be the guest speaker at the local team's annual award night in June 1977.

Also, before a packed house at the Moose Hall, Bill Scheer, in his first year with the Intermediate 'A' team, was the winner of four awards.

Master of Ceremonies Dr. Frank Broomhead got the evening started by introducing many of the guests who included Councillors George Evans, Dr. G.E. Young and Robert Lafreniere, Mr. Doody, team manager Doug Prusky, assistant coach Art Madore, secretary-treasurer Denis Desbois, as well as former MPP for Nickel Belt Gaston Demers and Marty McAllister the PC candidate for Nickel Belt. Aldee Martel, of the Chapleau Junior 'B' Huskies was also introduced. I was the team's coach as well as reeve of Chapleau at the time.

Billy Scheer's parents were also in attendance, having travelled from Burlington for the occasion.

Councillor Evans brought greetings on behalf of the municipality saying it was an honour to welcome the distinguished guest speaker from Timmins and to congratulate the Huskies on their good showing in the highly competitive league.

Dr. Broomhead added his congratulations noting that the Huskies had made the playoffs both years it had been in the league. Just for the historic record, the Huskies and the Northstars met in the league semi-finals in each of the four years Chapleau was in the NIHL -- and finally the Huskies beat them in year four. Trust me, it was like winning the Stanley Cup!

Councillor Lafreniere introduced Mayor Doody, who had moved to Timmins from Val'Dor, and was also the sports director at CFCL Television. He had been a city alderman for six years  and was elected to his first term as mayor in the 1976 election.

Mayor Doody congratulated the Huskies on their success and then surprised everyone by referring to a plaque that the Township of Chapleau had given to the City of Timmins thanking their citizens for assistance when Chapleau was evacuated during the 1967 forest fire. Mr. Doody said he was made aware of it after becoming mayor.

On this, his first trip to Chapleau, he presented the municipality with a paperweight from his city.

It was then awards time and Bill Scheer was named most valuable player in regular season, leading scorer, rookie of the year and most sportsmanlike player.

Keith McAdam won the best defenceman trophy.

Another highlight of the evening was the introduction of a trophy to honour Thos. B. Welch, Buddy Swanson and Lorne Riley, the founders of the Chapleau Junior 'B' Huskies. Lorne Riley was on hand to present this trophy to Moe Poirier as the most valuable player in the playoffs.  Tom, Buddy and Lorne had been involved in Chapleau hockey for many years and from the ranks of their Junior 'B' teams were many players on the present Intermediate team.

The Denis Martel Trophy for Midget hockey leadership was presented to Danny Law by Midget coach David McMillan who played on the Intermediate 'A' Huskies. Denis had been a Midget championship winning coach.

David McMillan was also issuing challenges to teams to compete against the Huskies in upcoming bed races as part of Summerfest activities. The races would start at the pedestrian overpass and end at the post office corner. Again for the historic record, the Huskies won the bed race championship and I rode on the bed wearing a helmet. 

According to a report on the awards night in the Chapleau Sentinel, Dr. Broomhead called on Dave McMillan, to present a plaque "to the Chief" from "the Boys". It adds that I was "completely surprised and emotionally at a loss for words which he (I) said didn't happen too often." That's true enough.  My email is mj.morris@live.ca

Thanks to John Theriault for the photos.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Chapleau hospital needed by 1968, completed by 1976 and Premier Davis tours in 1975

MJM, Premier Davis, Chapleau 1975

Lady Minto Hospital administrator Leo Walzak told the annual meeting of the hospital auxiliary at its annual meeting in 1968 that a new hospital was needed in Chapleau.

Government grants and $76,000 in a building fund which was gaining interest would be available for the project, Margaret Costello reported.

"Medical science is progressing and to meet new medical requirements and those necessary  for accreditation, a new hospital should be built," Mr. Walzak said.

For accreditation, the qualifications were a safe building, proper equipment, qualified staff and supervision. A new hospital would also prove attractive to doctors.

Mr. Walzak explained that it was not the responsibility of the hospital board to provide doctors for the hospital but it was making every effort to do so along with the council and other community groups.

The planning was underway for the new Chapleau General Hospital and by 1976, it opened on Broomhead Road. Harry Pellow of Chapleau became the architect for the project and also designed the Chapleau Civic Centre, Chapleau Recreation Centre, Cedar Grove Lodge for Senior Citizens and the new golf club house. 

In 1975, Premier Bill Davis made a special visit to Chapleau to visit the hospital construction site on a tour guided by township public works superintendent William Memegos. Mr. Davis also discussed the other projects with township officials.

B. Davis, MJM, Clare Hoy, W. Memegos, unknown
The Lady Minto Hospital was opened in 1914 and at the time was the only hospital between Sudbury and Fort William, now Thunder Bay. in 1950 when Charles W. Collins was chair of the hospital board and D.O. Payette, secretary, plans were made for renovations at the hospital and by 1955, sun parlours on the east and west ends had been built, a new kitchen was in place as well as an elevator. A nurses' residence had also been built. Miss Sophie Herner had provided the funding for a staff dining room.

Mr. Walzak assured the auxiliary members of his co-operation "nothing else but", giving the members a renewed sense of purpose. He also noted that having the auxiliary president as a member of the hospital board was a good move. "Without knowing what is going on makes working together difficult" adding that now the president can keep the members aware of what the board is thinking  and gear activities accordingly thus achieving a harmonious relationship.

He also pointed out that the role of the auxiliary had changed over the years. At one time it provided linens, food and other necessities as well as undertaking fund raising to cover any hospital deficits, Now that had been undertaken  by the Ontario Hospital Services Commission.

At times auxiliary members should also come in contact with patients as part of their role.

Mr. Walzak also noted that in 1967 the hospital had looked after 1200 patients and 111 newborns. It had served 56000 meals. Seventy percent of the budget went to salaries which totalled $257,000 in 1967.

My thanks to Doug Greig. My email is mj.morris@live.ca.

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