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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapleau the Ultimate Fishing Town in Canada to hold Northern Pike Ice Fishing Derby on February 11, 2012 with $10,000 first prize

"He caught it but I'm holding it"
Chapleau, Canada's Ultimate Fishing Town, is holding a one-day Northern Pike Ice Fishing Derby on February 11, 2012.

The Chapleau Express reports that Bill Groves, "long time organizer and co-ordinator of the derby will once again be at the helm with the help of very capable committee members". They include Michael Levesque, Elizabeth Michaud, Emily Taylor and Roger Perrault.

The Express noted that the first place prize of $10,000 "will undoubtedly sharpen everyone's fishing skills". Second prize is $5,000, the third $2000 and the fourth $1,000.

"There is no doubt as to the derby's popularity," the Express story said. "It's already the talk of the town. We are after all, Canada's Ultimate Fishing Town."

Earlier in 2011, Chapleau won the WFN Ultimate Fishing Town title for Canada defeating much larger communities for the honour. Watch WFN video on Chapleau: http://www.worldfishingnetwork.com/videos/channels/wfn-world-fishing-network/ultimate-fishing-town-2011-chapleau-ontario-144729.aspx

Here is the information on the ice fishing derby. CLICK ON IT TO ENLARGE FOR EASIER READING.

The Ice Fishing Derby will serve as a winter morale booster as well as help the local economy.

Chapleau is shaping up as the place to be in 2012 with the 90th anniversary reunion of Chapleau High School slated for the end of June. FOR REUNION INFO, CLICK HERE http://www.chs90threunionfestival.com/

Photo by Bill Groves.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chapleau Rotary Club receives charter at mammoth banquet as visitors arrive at Town Hall in true northern style on a sleigh in 1951

The Rotary Club of Chapleau received its charter at a "mammoth" banquet in the Town Hall basement with over 100 Rotarians from all over Ontario attending to take part in the ceremonies in the Fall of 1951.

According to a newspaper report, they made their entry into town "in true northern style" with district governor Kenneth Partridge of Port Credit, Ontario, arriving on a dog sled driven by Adam Andrews of Chapleau. Other visitors arrived aboard a tractor driven sleigh.

Chefs Bubs Zufelt, Art Grout
Reeve B.W. 'Bubs' Zufelt and Councillor A.J. 'Art Grout, both charter members who served as club presidents in 1956-57 and 1954-55 respectively donned chefs' attire to help serve "the sumptuous banquet prepared by camp cooks."

Here is the menu which was really the talk of the town at the time. It included roast beaver, Manitoulin Island turkey, French Canadian pork pies, shanty beans, blueberry pies and rustic log cakes. The ladies of the Senior WA of St John's Anglican Church were responsible for serving the meal, and yes, to this day I remember it. I was 10, and had snuck down the back stairs of the Town Hall to see my grandmother Edith Hunt who was helping, and of course, she fed me.

Chapleau Rotarians with district governor
The charter was presented to Rev. E. Roy Haddon, the club's first president by Mr. Partridge.

Rounding out the club's first pressidents were Dr. G.E. Young in 1952-53, John 'Mac' McClellan in 1953-54 and Don Rose in 1954-55.

In 1964-65, Mr. Grout became the district governor, a high honour for Rotarians. It was a busy time for Mr. Grout as Engine 5433 arrived at its location in the park, and Mr. Grout was largely responsible for bringing it to Chapleau. N.R. Crump, then president of the Canadian Pacific Railway was on hand for the ceremony marking the occasion.

Once established in Chapleau, for the next 60 years, the Rotary Club has been actively involved in community activities plus reaching far beyond its borders with programs. Here is just a glimpse at Rotary's work and some of the people involved. It is by no means complete but shows a continuing commitment to Chapleau and beyond.

Murray Arnill, Peter Elliott, G Evans,Dennis Paplinski, M Spessot
The club become the sponsoring organization for the Scouts in Chapleau and still holds a land use permit for a camp at Gala Lake although there is no longer an active Scout group in the community.

For example, in 1970, at an awards night, tribute was paid to Scouter Manlio Spessot by group committee chair Rev. Murray Arnill, minister at Trinity United Church and Rotary president George L. Evans. Mr. Arnill commented that the "leaders of tomorrow" were being developed "under the capable leadership" of Mr. Spessot who expended "countless hours with the boys in leadership, counselling and outdooor programs".
 Major awards were presented to scouts Peter Elliott and Dennis Paplinski in 1970. Both received the Pathfinder Award, the highest level of achievement in Scouting.

The Chapleau club has been actively involved thoughout its history  in Rotary's international exchange programs, bringing students from other countries to Chapleau as well as providing the opportunity for local students to travel. Presently it is also involved ina program to increase international understanding and good will whereby professionals from Korea, South Africa and Japan have visited Chapleau and vice versa.
A recent project has been the "adoption" of two kilometers of Highway 101 to keep it clean and it continues to improve the beach area.

Joanne and Dave Laughland with wheelchair boxes
Recently the club had 1300 wheelchairs to be unboxed and assembled before being distributed to needy children and adults in El Salvador.

Rotarians celebrate 5th anniversary
For 60 years now the club has been involved in the life and times of Chapleau as well as participating in projects internationally. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

Bob Warren presents cheque to MJM for rec complex 1978
Thanks to Joanne Laughland, George Evans, Anne (Zufelt) McGoldrick, Doug Greig for their assistance. My email is mj.morris@live.ca

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Name "The Greasers" from Chapleau High School in the 1970s in the CHS Reunion Quiz

If you attended Chapleau High School in the 1970s, you will recall Greaser Day. Who are, left to right, 'The Greasers' in this photo?

Answer for last week's quiz.

The famous CHS graduates are Robert 'Bob' Fife, now the Ottawa Bureau Chief for CTV News, and Thomas A. 'Tom' Corston, now the Bishop of the Anglican Church Diocese of Moosonee.

Michael J Morris

Michael J Morris
MJ with Buckwheat (1989-2009) Photo by Leo Ouimet


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Following the American Dream from Chapleau. CLICK ON IMAGE