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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Uneek Luxury Tours, located in Orlando, FL, is quickly becoming the choice of those who want to market their luxury real estate with superior quality, professional, high definition videos.

I have returned from Orlando and my visit with Michael Pelzer, the president and CEO of Uneek. I had the opportunity to visit many of the luxury properties that Michael has shot, and will be sharing some of them on my blog.

Let's begin with downtown Orlando, now playing in the city at a major location. Thanks Michael for the tour.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapleau High School in 1964 had 'wolfish' types, hunters, Razzle Dazzle fan, school sports and Dr Karl Hackstetter as principal

Merrick Goldstein at CHS, 1964 by Lark Ritchie
CHS Field Day 1964 by Lark Ritchie
With plans for the 90th reunion of Chapleau High School in 2012 picking up speed with the launch of a web site, let's turn back the clock for a quick look at some comments about students from the school's yearbook in 1964.

REUNION WEB SITE http://www.chs90threunionfestival.com/

Perhaps the comments were an accurate reflection - and maybe not too. Here is a sampler.

The yearbook asks can you imagine Bette Andrews "failing an exam" or Rheal Bujold as a comedian on television? What about Bob Lewis "not calling" a certain telephone number (through the operator as Chapleau did not have dial phones in 1964), or Penny Park "not lending her notebooks"?

From a poem about Grade 10A, the following appeared:

"Norman Creighton wants to be the wolfish type, so that's why he's learning to smoke a pipe,

"Wally Leigh is an excellent hunter, please don't worry he'll never blunder,

"Alanna Downey talks and talks - no wonder why with a brother like Doc,

"Leslie Zufelt's a real nice gal, that's why she's everybody's pal,

"Carole Futhey wants to shout, that's why she's really crazy about ??"

Apparently Jim St. Amand's main interest was hockey while Ian Clegg enjoyed skiing. George Ritchie had as his major ambition beating Howard Higuchi in Physics while Gary Schafer was an avid Razzle Dazzle fan.

Hugh McKechnie was instrumental in the destruction of many a history class, according to the yearbook, and I assume George Evans who arrived at CHS in 1961 was the teacher. Ironically Hugh returned as a teacher when George was assistant principal.

Ron Doig was a member of the Table Tennis Club, which I seem to recall may have been located above the old Bank of Montreal building at Birch and Young streets by Dr. Karl A Hackstetter, who became principal in 1963 as the school's student population was growing and there was no room in the Pine Street building for physical education classes. Dr. Hackstetter taught at CHS from 1954 to 1957.

Plans were underway for the new school "on the hill" which opened in 1966.

Myrtle Turner enjoyed curling and Charlie Purich was "a credit to the hockey team." In the fifties and sixties, until about the arrival of the Chapleau Junior "B" Huskies in 1966-67, CHS had very good hockey teams. There were hockey teams much earlier in the school's history too.

In 1964, Alex Babin's interests ranged from breaking testtubes to chopping meat. Yes, Alex, who returned to teach at CHS was also an excellent butcher, and of course co-chaired with Margaret Rose (Payette) Fortin, the last two CHS reunions.

Just a quick look back at 1964 to help everyone jog their memories about school life when they were there. In the next year, stories will abound!


Congratulations to Chapleau on winning the WFN Ultimate Fishing Town 2011 Contest. As I looked at the competition, it was an incredible effort by Chapleauites everywhere to overcome the odds of winning against some much larger communities who were participating.


Thanks to everyone who wrote me after I mentioned that I was on my way to Orlando, FL on vacation. Yes, I said hello to all the Disney characters for you, and no, I did not see any alligators, and did not go shark fishing, even though Danny Vaughan kindly sent me specific fishing instructions. But I did have a super time. My email is mj.morris@live.ca and for those who have asked I am on Facebook at http://facebook.com/michaeljmorris2

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bill Groves
After casting more than 500,000 online votes at www.wfnfishingtown.com, Canadian anglers have selected Chapleau, Ontario as the 2011 WFN: World Fishing Network's Ultimate Fishing Town Canada. 

The small village of nearly 2,500 residents succeeds Port Alberni, BC which earned the title last year. The announcement was made by Mark Rubinstein, President and CEO of World Fishing Network, North America's only 24/7 fishing channel.

This post is based on a news release from WFN posted on its web site. Photos reflect some of the many great Chapleauites who helped me with posts on the contest. Thanks to all of you and congrats to Chapleau.

Representatives of Chapleau, ON will receive a $25,000 community donation to be used towards a fishing-related cause(s) and 10 WaveSpin Reels at a local ceremony emceed by Mariko Izumi, host of WFN's popular fishing and travel show Hookin' Up. The town will also receive national recognition from the honour and have a feature produced about fishing in Chapleau to air on WFN.

George Theriault
"The drive and determination of the community and its supporters across the country won the fishing crown for Chapleau. I am overwhelmed with excitement and pride that our community has been named WFN's Ultimate Fishing Town Canada," said Charley Plourde of the Chapleau Fishing Advisory Committee. "Chapleau has been hard hit by the downturn in the forestry industry and is working hard to rebuild itself through economic diversification. Being named WFN's Ultimate Fishing Town puts Chapleau on the map as a fishing destination for anglers around the world and creates an opportunity for Chapleau's tourism industry to thrive."

Chapleau, ON, is home to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve one of the world's largest wildlife preserves. Located in central northeastern Ontario, Chapleau is geographically isolated with the nearest cities, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins and Sudbury several hours away. It is best known for walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout and northern pike fishing.

After more than 240 towns throughout Canada were nominated in March, a preliminary round of voting in April narrowed the field to 20 finalists. The competition quickly became a two-town race between a pair of Ontario towns more than 11 hours apart. Chapleau and Port Colborne traded places atop the leader board on a daily basis, but in the end Chapleau earned the title by the slimmest of margins.

Henry Byce
"We commend all of the towns for their enthusiasm, passion and pride and wanting to invite anglers all across Canada to experience everything their town has to offer," said Mr. Rubinstein. "WFN's search for Ultimate Fishing Town was not just about finding the place to catch the most fish. As any angler will tell you and as Chapleau proved, the people are just as important a factor. Chapleau's passionate angling community stepped-up to prove that their pride and passion is second to none."

Jay-John Bradley Corston
As the runner-up, Port Colborne, ON will be awarded $5,000 while the third place finisher, Port Hardy, BC will receive $2,500. WFN also partnered with four cable affiliates to award a cash prize to the town receiving the most votes in the areas they service. These include: Miramachi, NB receiving $2500 from Rogers Cable; Campbell River, BC being awarded $2,000 from Shaw Cable; Hastings, ON earning $1,000 from EastLink; and St. Catharine's receiving $1,000 from Cogeco Cable. WFN also awarded $1,000 to Port Renfrew, ON, who is serviced by Bell, as the town receiving the most votes that is not serviced by any of these affiliates.
The Top 20 finalists in order of finish are:
  1. Chapleau, ON
  2. Port Colborne, ON
  3. Port Hardy, BC
  4. Hastings, ON
  5. Port Renfrew, BC
  6. Campbell River, BC
  7. Miramichi, NB
  8. Barrie, ON
  9. Athabasca, AB
  10. Temagami, ON
  11. Haliburton, ON
  12. Juniper, NB
  13. Lutsel K'e, NT
  14. Burnt Church, NB
  15. Honey Harbour, ON
  16. Nain, NL
  17. Nipawin, SK
  18. Terrace, BC
  19. Deline, NT
  20. Yellowknife, NT
John Theriault
The 2011 WFN Ultimate Fishing Town Canada contest was supported by a trio of sponsors including: Oak Bay Marine Group, owners and operators of several world-class BC fishing resorts; Spectacular Northwest Territories, offering vacation ideas in magnificent wilderness surroundings in the Northwest Territories; and Prizing Sponsor WaveSpin Reels, the only reel with a tangle-free guarantee.

About WFN: World Fishing Network
WFN: World Fishing Network is the only 24/7 television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. WFN's wide-ranging programming lineup includes primetime theme nights, regional bureaus from across the nation, a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any TV channel.

Hugh McGoldrick
Featuring popular programs hosted by the world's top anglers, the Network also delivers a variety of exclusive lifestyle shows including; Hookin' Up with Mariko IzumiReel Fishy Jobs with Mark MelnykLost Lake and Getting School'd with JP DeRose. The beauty of WFN's programming is available in 100 percent stunning High Definition. WFN's multimedia platform includes a mobile portal, WFN Fishing Log (fishing app for the iPhone and iPad) and a robust fishing website, www.WorldFishingNetwork.com.

Michael J Morris

Michael J Morris
MJ with Buckwheat (1989-2009) Photo by Leo Ouimet


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